Hello and thank you for stopping by! This is my second attempt at maintaining a food/health/wellness blog. I used to blog at Eat Persimmons once upon a time but as a full-time student I put my studies first and foremost, so as a result my blogging consistency fell to the way-side and I have not been blogging for quite some time now…. Unless tweeting counts as blogging?

Anywho! Lately I have been inspired to dive back into the blogging world and I plan to do so here at Adventures of a Real Foodie. I plan on posting recipes, musings of my life as a foodie and undergraduate student (graduating this coming year!), health and wellness tips, and more! I am excited to share my thoughts with you here on my little slice of the world-wide web. I will post as often as my schedule allows, which I can’t guarantee will be every day..but I’ll try!

Thanks again for stopping by! And feel free to follow me on Twitter.