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Tomatoes are summer’s blessing, and nothing taste sweeter than a home grown tomato!

I’m so excited that my tomato plants are going to be bearing fruit soon!

Tomatoes are one of the most popular plants to grow in a container but there are a few things you will want to make sure you do to ensure you have a successful growing season. These delicious fruits need all of the TLC they can get! The more love, the sweeter the tomato I promise.

Most tomato plants need at least 15 gallon containers so that they can have plenty of room to establish their roots, take in moisture, and spread out. Smaller plants like cherry or grape tomatoes don’t need as much space. If possible it is always better to give your plant larger space when container gardening because the plants are already being confined to a small space (not in actual terrain).


Tomatoes can also be grown upside down. I’ve actually never tried this method so I’m not 100% sure how that works but there are plenty of resources available on the internet if you want to try that out!

For those of you container gardening tomato plants that are right-side up, another tip is to buy some inexpensive stakes to help your plant grow up right. Tomato plants tend to be like awkward teenagers going through puberty sometimes. They can grow lanky and bend in ways that confuse you. That is what the stakes are for! The stakes are most effective when tied in a tee-pee formation that will allow you to gently tie support to your gangly growing tomato plant where it needs help most.

This plant was nearly twisted upside down. No, it isn’t tied and incarcerated in an evil bamboo trap I’ve created! I’m hoping that it wasn’t bent in an awkward way for too long and that it will bud flowers soon… 🙂

I’m no professional but those are my tips for you as a home gardener! Have you grown tomatoes in containers before? If you have any tips, share below!